Luani Alama Isaako

luani is his name
being a player is his game
sweet and kind he is
but let me tell you this
his full of happiness
his full of joy
when it come to gurl
he play them like a toy
no, not really
cus his so sweet to me
his attitude is what i like best
cus thats the most important thing he has
to all the gurl his fine
to all the gurl his kind
to me his just a wonderful person
a person who always make me happy
and always put a smile on my face
even though he lie sometimes
but it doesn't matter
to all the gurls in the world
his so sweet and kind to all the gurls
so who ever is gonna be the lucky one
you'll be so proud to have him as your one and only love.


Comments (2)

really colorful poem you must really be lucky to have him
Really enjoyed this, thanks for sharing