Stand Up To Cancer

The human body's all we are
Till we explore this life,
It doesn't matter, near or far,
We find both joy and strife,
Such that we learn from history
How life was lived before
And from statistics, we can see
Something we can't ignore...

The world gets changed each time we smile
And also, when we cry,
But no-one wants to face the trial
When Cancer comes close by...
Though Doctors treat and Nurses soothe
And families make a fuss,
The whole world needs to know the truth...
The future's up to us...

How precious life has always been,
Donations prove that's true,
Research helps Man to intervene,
So credit where it's due...
Prevention stays the target still,
Till then, one thing's unsure,
When Cancer comes to make us ill,
Are we part of the cure?

What if we give before instead?
What if we donate now?
What if we give in time ahead
By simply asking how?
What if together money's raised
So Cancer's on the run?
Perhaps that's how we'll be amazed,
The day we think as one...

That's why support for charities
Is thought to be sublime,
Such that we share some hope, some peace,
Perhaps some extra time...
Since Cancer harms both young and old,
Beyond each smoker's brand,
It's up to us, be brave, be bold
And thus to take a stand...

by Denis Martindale

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