Luciano Pavarotti

Fabulous Pav. the man of our dreams,
With a voice of pure heaven,
Or so it does seem.
Who woos us and thrills us with notes so sublime
We're lost in his world and transported by time
To glories and visions of all things divine.

With his smile so beguiling - a kiss to the crowd,
This wondrous Pav'rotti does charm us aloud.
His voice is so beautiful, silken and soft,
Bewitching, caressing and soaring aloft
To heavens above and stars of the night
Enchanting the crowd with utter delight.

Charisma abounding, a twinkle of mirth,
Impish and roguish, not lacking in girth,
Luciano endows us with Heaven on earth.
Such singing, such stature,
With joy we are blessed.
Fabulous Pav. - you're the greatest, the best.

by Mollie Earl

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