ML (02/13/1989 / Oklahoma City)


Born in fire Once a liar, now i am the sin
I walk within your mind and soul
plead or beg your mind's not yours anymore to control

Your death will be painful yet slow
Temptations of disease devour the soul

why are your hands turning blue and getting cold?

Pain is now the only thing you will ever know.

Casted in flames the children of death play their games
Shreaks fill the air followed by whimpers of Misery and Despair

The smell of blood shall hit the air
and then and only then shall you know
the truth that lies behind the rainbow

Lands will cave in and the sea's will crash
killing everyone you know future or past
and finally at last i will sing

the end of time is finally here

Admire Their Fear

Finally I Lucifer am Here!

Run away you shall
Till your bodys hit the ground
Lifeless and cold

How could you all be so bold?
Do you think God will save you?

Time is up!

Time for your world to go.

Make a memory... and there it goes..

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