Poem By Elena Lempp

When I look upon your face
I see it glowing like a fallen star
It is no wonder that you coat it in darkness
Your sparkling hair is flowing over your shoulders
A silken waterfall
I long to touch it, I'm transfixed
But it will burn my hands
Your skin, so flawless,
Glows with otherworldly light
Stolen from heaven
It's yours, it's yours
Your presence oppresses me
I belong at your feet
I cannot stand before your might
No, I'll lounge on the pillows
Here on the floor
And watch you, starstruck
Your eyes are the most beautiful
and frightening thing I've ever seen
Don't look into my eyes
I'll burn, I'll drown
I'll be crushed by your power unlimited
You'll know everything about me
But I know, you do already
Let me pretend
I know it amuses you
It's not mercy, for you have none
Rest assured, I cannot grasp your essence
You'd kill me, I know
But let me get just a glimpse
And I'll be satisfied
You are my star, you are, you are
Look at me, please
Look at me just once

Comments about Lucifer

Very cool piece, swithing easily between the personal and the universal.

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