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Lucinda is a wise old poetess and she is showing her decades in gray
But she doesn't use hair dyes or wear makeup for to hide signs of ageing away
And to those who ask her what age she is I'm not telling you she will say
The years may have left me looking older but I feel healthy and okay.

From life she has garnered great knowledge and a spiritual woman is she
And her lyrics are dotted with pathos and mirror her humanity
She retains the knowledge life experience has brought her and though she never did spend much time in school
She's well read and self educated and Lucinda is nobody's fool.

A woman quite well versed in Nature of flora and fauna so much she know
She can tell you the Countries plants came from and the sorts of soils on which they grow
She can name hundreds of different bird species and the most
of them by their songs recognize
And she recalls them in her verses the feathered minstrels of the skies.

Lucinda is a wise old poetess and the knowledge she acquired she retain
A woman with amazing insight from her type wisdom one attain
She always thinks twice before speaking and her thoughts are always so clear
And perhaps she a reincarnation of a legendary Goddess or Seer.

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