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Luck And Money
( / Germany)

Luck And Money

Poem By Lovina Sylvia Chidi

Lets have lunch in Majorca
Dinner in Africa
The paradox of luck
is such an enigma
it sucks

How about champagne on Ice
As I roll a box of dice
Waiting to be a struck
by an inch of luck
If I win
Surely you can have a slice

In winter or in spring
Money is everything

With money you can buy wings
and fly
Without money you can only sing
and cry

We strive everyday and pray
for luck and money
for bread and honey

You need money to eat to survive
You need money for shelter
to provide clothing to stay alive
They are only few
who fall in love with a beggar

Luck is sporadic
Completely erratic
Always in close proximity
Excuse my lack of poetic language
In this modern day and age
There is no need for us to pretend on stage
Luck has no pattern
It has no formula
It's such an enigma

When it strikes
It does not mean you deserve it
Luck and death is alike
When it visits
it does not mean it is welcome

Copyright 2005 - Sylvia Chidi

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I really enjoyed this Sylvia.