Luck Favours The Resolute At Last!

Knowledge only can change one and the world for the better sure!
Vision of the whole helps to fix an ambition to achieve dreams;
This is so, because ambition is the driving force of life to realize
Dreams with ideas inspired by Nature and desire to the best possible!

To achieve anything in the world support of friends, interesting job
Along with sufficient funds to do anything immediately necessary
In the atmosphere of favourable govt. are very much neededsure;
And most of all, luck only can assure one's success in this venture!

Initial failures many make one pessimistic of one's act but one's dream
And ambition give renewal of one's resolution now and then sure;
That is the way to keep alive one's vigour to do anything to go ahead
On one's journey towards the point of one's target to hit bull's eye sure!

The trials and tribulations in life make one perfect in one's occupation
And that surely will bring success with full satisfaction one is in need of!

by Ramesh T A

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