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Lucky/ Amor

I look to my left, then my right.
I'm happy right where I am.
I realize they're not in my place,
I'm so lucky to be here tonight.

Here, with the one I trust with my life,
The one I would give the world to.
The one who holds my heart close to theirs,
And keeps it far away from strife.

I couldn't have asked for anything more,
You gave me what I needed without request,
Understood me best,
Gave me a chest to cry on.

Days and days go by,
I love you with my whole heart,
Nothing can tear us apart,
Juntos para siempre.

Te amo con todo de mi corazon,
Tu eres mi amor, mi vida.
Nada cambiarala
Estoy afortunada a tenerte en mi vida.

by xx3 mikki

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