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Lucky Are They

Lucky are they who are happy and of worries carefree
All of the money in the World could not buy what they possess that's how it would seem to me
Yes money cannot buy you happiness just ask the billionaires
He and she looking so unhappy their faces full of cares
They do carry joy with them as they walk along the street
And share some of their happiness with everyone they do meet
Without their kind the World to live in would be a much duller place
It always is a joy to meet a happy smiling face
They do make friends so easily those with the inner glow
They are the sort of people that you want to get to know
The people loved by many on their side of the town
They bring to you a ray of happiness when life's cares have you down
They have something of which the billionaires may never come to know
And that is the gift of happiness born of the inner glow.

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Very interesting and wisely drafted poem shared really.10