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Lucky Are Those With Compassion
FD Francis Duggan ( / )

Lucky Are Those With Compassion

Lucky are those with the gift of compassion for others they genuinely do care
The people who rise above the ordinary though sad to say their type are rare
they do not seek power over others they do their good deeds every day
And for to help those who are in need of help they always go out of their way
Compassionate people are marvellous compassion is such a great thing
The unsung heroes of the World their praises I am happy to sing
Far too many self centred people who live for me, myself and I
They cannot rise above the ordinary and as ordinary they will live till they die
You will find compassionate people in the camps of the poor Stateless refugees
They devote their lives to helping others the kind people willing to please
They only can see good in others and to perform good deeds they are always inclined
I do love compassionate people they are so unselfish and kind
They possess empathy in abundance and as people are easy to admire
And of singing their praises in public I feel that I never could tire.

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