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Lucky I Was Born A Human

Tired in the Autumn of my existence though many like me in the town
Were I a horse to be processed for pet meat like most ageing horses I'd have been put down
Lucky I was born a human though I look ageing and gray
On life's journey I struggle onwards though for me a last night and day
I do envy younger people for their marvellous gift of youth
Though father time never stops ticking and he is one not known for ruth
Time it puts rust into iron and even bones to dust decay
And our biological clocks never stop ticking till our end they keep ticking away
Just another ageing migrant plenty like me everywhere
I left the old fields I knew well for to live in the big World out there
Were I a horse, dog or cow I'd be put down since my better days are long gone
So towards the end of my life's journey I'll just keep plodding along.

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