Lucky Penny

Find a penny pick it up
All day long you’ll have good luck
I find one nearly every day
And yet my luck remains the same
I see one in the sewer grate
Perhaps some luck today at last
I kneel and try to reach my find
And then the bus came from behind

by Melissa K Vigna

Comments (4)

Some beliefs are irrational and yet we get encompassed by them. A beautiful poem.
aaww.. how sad; life is not written anywhere, it's what and how we make it. If the persona had not decided to believe in those penny maybe he/she might have had the luck to live. Nice one there Melissa
Hey thank you very much for taking the time to read my poems! I'm very glad you like them and I appreciate any and all comments/ratings regardless of if they are repetitive! It's encouraging! Especially when this is the only site that I keep getting one person giving me 1 star on all my poems.
Another Ha! Actually I'll give it two..Ha! Ha! I try not to comment on every piece you write because I don't want to sound redundant repeating that I love each one. But two in a row...I just couldn't resist. Especially when I read the last line of this one. Brilliant! (I've decided not to be a penny picker upper anymore....) .