I Will Always Love You

(a love poem I sent my boyfriend, Chris)

When I see you shiver,
When I see you cry,
It makes me more determined,
It makes me want to try,
And always be beside you,
No matter where you go.
Ill hold you close, keep you safe,
Ill never let you go.
When I see your shining face,
When I see that warm smile,
Nothing can keep me away,
Ill be with you all the while.
Ill whisper love in your ear,
Ill keep you warm at night,
You are mine forever, Chris,
For you I’ll always fight.
Ill come for you in the rain,
Your smile makes the sun bright,
Ill kiss you softly but with hunger,
For you are my shining light.
You called to me in my dreams,
I called to you in mine,
First I was so lonely,
And then you were the sign,
To give me hope and love,
And I know you feel the same.
We make each other feel complete,
At night I whisper your name.
But if this is really true love,
Why all of these goodbyes?
Why can’t we always be together?
Why must there be tears in my eyes?
But there isn’t long to wait now,
Until we embrace and kiss too,
Until we can hold each other close,
And I can say again, that I will always love you.

by Stephanie Dower

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Plan C worked! How perceptive of you, Dave. Ha ha ha. Love, Fran xx