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Lucky Shot
VR Victoria Ritchie (17th September 1990 / )

Lucky Shot

Silence is all that’s around,
Can’t even hear heartbeats making a sound,
Breaths are held, and cries have stopped,
Wanting, waiting for that winning shot,
The net is near and oh so ready,
Players pause, their pulse is steady,
Letting go of the once so loyal ball,
He trips on a lace, and suddenly falls,
Everyone watches as the ball gets nearer,
The future is close and seems to be clearer,
One gasp of breath is all they can take,
This final shot is the winning break,
The crowd can’t take so much heat,
Hoping and praying whilst raising to their feet,
The ball slides in and the crowd goes mad,
Boasting about the victory they have,
The lucky player can’t believe his success,
All that that hard work, he could say he did his best,
His coach is happy and the fans are thrilled,
The opposite team had been thrashed and killed.

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