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Lucky The Strangers To Fame

If you are well known and famous those who judge you are not few
To me you may say you tell me something i already knew
But if you are a stranger to many even on your side of the town
Then few to criticize you and verbally put you down
Yet most wish to be wealthy and famous and to many people known
And it is from fame and money that big egos have been grown
Yet even though they may not know it lucky the strangers to fame
Since a target for the judge-mental can come with a famous name
The most famous and wealthiest people in the World are not without foes
Of them many have harsh words to say such is life one must suppose
Even though you are quite generous with your money in helping the down and out
The more cynical on your generosity only too willing to cast doubt
Those not well known have fewer to judge them that is how it seems to me
Though many with my thinking on this would surely disagree.

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