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SL Stephen Lewis ( / Cincinnati, OH)


It’s all falling off now
A steep sound cracks the waves
What a light had come from beyond
A hollow body possessed by such a spirit
Holier than the greatest saint who stood abroad
Cursing the false prophet’s for their reinforced capacity
To empty out their bag of tricks and hand out kernels of faith
It’s all falling off now
I fear this wave is changing shock
A sight had come from the blind eye
A hollow body screaming inside in anger
Oh, righteous matriarch of relativity granted
Empowering the fuel to clean these engines efficiently
To clean off these peeling backs that held such force upon their

Faith is falling off now…
The greatest champion has sat down
Not even he can answer you now
Only the symptoms and symmetry
A complex plan of pain and self inflicted shame
Rejoice, oh love, you’re flame is burning brighter
So much brighter than the greatest tower
They are mere brick and steel powered by flickering boxes
You engage the last of loveless generation
No crisis keeps you from achieving yourself

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