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Lucy Hope

She is not a religious woman and she doesn't believe in prayer
And though down to her last dollar of hope she will not despair
And two days till welfare payment 'she can't go to grocery store'
And her three children must go hungry and the youngest only four.

And on social welfare payments she must struggle to survive
And her eldest son just seven and her only daughter five
And her husband with his lover on the other side of town
But she refuse to feel suicidal she won't leave life get her down.

Her husband not paying her alimony he is in contempt of court
His excuse he has no spare cash he has others to support
She must take care of her children food to buy and bills to pay
And to put food on the table she must wait for welfare day.

But she won't leave it get her downcast Lucy takes things in her stride
And to her dark situation she can see the brighter side
With three children and on welfare she was once a battered wife
But you don't hear her complaining she just gets on with her life.

There is something sadly lacking in society of today
That a single mother with three children has to live in such a way
This is not a third World Country though some with that may not agree
And the wealthy turn a blind eye to the hidden poverty.

This is not a third World Country though it has it's share of poor
And the wealthy getting wealthier more financially secure
But I know of one poor woman and with poverty she cope
She doesn't moan about her hardships and her name is Lucy Hope

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