Lukas Rossi's Baby

Poem By Ramona Thompson

written from the point of view of a friend who has a certain kinda strange fantasy

written after speaking with a friend who is more crazy about Mister. Rossi then I am lol

Holding on so tightly
To this one fan's most secret dream
My most intimate wish
To forever have a piece of him to love and to care for
For the rest of my life
I know everything would be all right
If only I could have
Lukas Rossi's baby

An obsession
Never gonna happen to me you say
You could be right
But I think of it anyway
What's the harm in trying?
Trying to gain his attention
Trying to win his affection through a song or a poem
Written just right to make him unable to resist letting me have
Lukas Rossi's baby

How beautiful she or he would be I know
With his eyes and my lips
One perfect gift
Sent straight from heaven above
Forever cherished
Forever mine to love
The very best part of him and me
Our child
A warm and wonderful memory of an affair to always remember
Lukas Rossi's baby

Waiting and hoping everyday for my dream to come true
A pathway to fame and fortune
A celebrity lover to brag about to all my friends and family
None of the above is what I'm looking for I swear
All I want
All I need
All I'm asking for I promise is this
Just a piece
The smallest piece of him to create
A miracle inside my otherwise happy existance
All I really want is to hold forever
A bright handsome son or a beautiful talented daughter
Born to carry on the future
Born to carry on his or her father's name

All I really want I swear is this one tiny thing
All I want tonight is.....

Lukas Rossi's baby

© 2006 RAMONA THOMPSON (All rights reserved)

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