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When i meet Luke and this is not often he complains to me of his wife
He blames her for his sad existence and all that is wrong in his life
He never has a happy story unhappiness to him lives near
I always tell him i am in a hurry since his sad tales i do not wish to hear

He and his wife Jo do not have children though they have been married for twenty years or more
And she is too old for child bearing since of years she is well past the two score
Separated under the one roof and married only in name
For the unhappiness he knows of in his life Jo is the one he does blame

Not on speaking terms and living under the one roof their dislike for each other they do not hide
And that they both do have part time lovers is something by them that is not denied
I do not see Jo very often only know her for to say good day
She is quite an attractive looking woman and about her does have a nice way

But her estranged husband Luke i know better for his unhappiness her he does blame
He uses her as a scapegoat for his woes a cop out for want of a better name
Since it is so easy for one to blame another for their unhappy state of mind
And whinging Luke for his life's sorrow a scapegoat in his estranged wife does find.

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