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My little boy, all dressed in blue
Grew up in a world of peace,
But how I long to have him here,
to remove my pain and grief.
I never got to hold him
Or kiss his tender cheek,
I never got to nurse him
Nor cradle him to sleep.
I never sung a lullaby
To take away his fears,
Or kissed a little wounded knee
Nor wipe away small tears.
But I know that he is happy
In his world, his special place
And at night when all is silent
Our gentle arms embrace.
For though he's in the spirit world
When stars are in the skies,
I meet my little boy in blue
Through journeys in my eyes.

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Aw marvelous and sentimental so beautifully written. How did yor lil baby die? Ah u wrote such a touching teary poem, awesome in meter and rhyme scheme, it ought to cheer u up pal. Do write more here. Great to read frm u again poetess.