SG (2nd October / London)


Unamused at being put to bed
He struggles loudly,
Unwilling to sleep
Bribery must be my option

“Lay down and let me sing to you”
He complies with my request

Blonde curls caress his pillow
I start to pat him gently
As I sing………………..

“Golden slumbers kiss your eyes
Smiles await you when you rise
Sleep little darling do not cry
And I shall sing a lullaby”

Long lashes blink,
Impending sleep
while I continue to repeat
the verse
My back protests
while crouching over him

I watch intensely
He fights the heaviness of lids
But keeps perfectly still
Until he can't fight any longer
And gives in with a sigh.

by Scarborough Gypsy

Comments (3)

in impeccably good grammar he wrote, 'you is, one-hell-of-a-good writer. Love, Jerry
This is perfect now. Is envy of the little one permitted? This poem flows so smoothly and is full of love. H
Gypsy, two and a half small nips and tucks and you got another winner. Hxx