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If love can be replaced
With a perfect meaningful word
I will say her name.
Her whole world is revolving
around me.
Nothing is more precious-
than her sea of love towards me.
She feels me
as her heart outside the body.
She protected me in her womb
until I forced to come out
It was before 22 years.
Still I'm doing the same,
going far away frm her.
Now I realise her care and affection
In her absence, in this busy life
I really miss my amma
Let's go back to two decades
where I had the same rhythm of ur breath
Give me ur lap to lie down
Sing again the soul-soothing lullabies for me
Once, that calmed ur fussy baby-
Let me sleep here without any fracas

I love u my dear amma,
I love u more than anything....

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ghummm....sweeet....very good baby.........