This morning I saw an awful sight
For a chunk of bread a dog and a boy had a fight
Finally the dog grabbed the bread
The boy seemed to be angry and dread
He begged and cried for food
For him life was so rude
His skin was all pale
For him life was a gale
All his ray of hope was lost
His body was all rough and frost
The boy started then selling soaps
But there was no hope
No one was there hear his cry
A child of my age is so gloomy, I ask you why?
Then my eyes were unlock
I tried to provoke each individual and every flock
From intricacy how long we will hide
Today and now we have to decide
For the privileges of a child we will fight
We will impede this obscurity and blight
Children will get back their childhood, pleasure and delight

by aditi upmanyu

Comments (7)

Excellent poem and feeling sleepy after this lullaby..10
The dying are like tops, like gyroscopes- they spin so rapidly they seem to be still.............So brilliant the wit to expose big thing within a limit of no expanse. Thanks.
My mother's an expert in one thing: sending people she loves into the other world. excellent written, thank you for sharing this poem with us
Interesting spiritual poem- -10
The Creator owns the spirit! He created everything. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
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