Poem By Eric Paeplow

Lost in our embrace
We dance away the night
Where lullabies play
And echo through
The liquid embers of our minds
Wrapped within their intimacy
Where we gently sway
And bow before kings and queens
As the fragrant smell of flowers
Surround you with sweet confetti
As though you were bathed in blossoms
And stood in pedals
Piled high around your feet
While we dance to the music
Lost in our embrace
Our souls became one
As we lay
Lost in each others eyes

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Raven's World

On a lone branch,
Swaying in the breeze
Roosts a darkened form


On a obsidian throne, reigns the night, bane and suffering dwell each side
The unholy trio, tormenting timid souls on their journey throughout time
By a lonely path, they strode, unaffected by these cruel demons dreams
Shrouded forms, they appear to the souls in agony, their woes, legion


A first glimpse, a first yearning begins the fire that will last a lifetime
A first kiss, a first night, as you slip to dream in each others arms
The first dawn, the waking of one sprit, instead of two
These are the days of wonder, these are the days of joy

Worthless Patch

As Selene is in her slumber
And sunlight filled the sky
He who made gods of men,
Sat down and began to cry

Let Sleeping Gods Lie

Once praised, then scorned, once worshiped, now forlorn
The Gods of the earth lay dormant, waiting to be reborn
Feared, praised, all powerful, then all at once, cast aside
Resting through the ages, forgotten, erased from our minds.

One Of A Kind

My soul remains as always, quiet and alone
Thoughts of death, as gray as a tombstone
Separated by choice, never one of the crowd
My thoughts and secrets, silent in my solitude