I Hate Myself

I sit here this dagger dangling from my hand
Blood spouts from my veins
Staining the room around me
Coating me in my crimson liquid
My breath seems to be stripped from my lungs
Why did you do this to me?
Why couldn’t I just be loved?
I will end here
Because I cannot take it anymore
You crushed my heart and soul
But no longer will I be tormented
I will slowly fall into this never ending sleep
Don’t come and look for me
Because you won’t find me
I don’t want you anymore
My apathy is true for you
My breath leaves my lungs for the last time
I fall into to actual never ending darkness
Good bye all the lies
All of the Hate
Never shall you torment me again

by Zach Kiley

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i like this poem, at the beginning i found it difficult to understand.