(1947 - / Melbourne / Australia)

Luminous Bodies

Her old VW
mows the dirt road
to my shack,

past the noiseless fall
of frangipani,
a flash of butterfly

in deep shade.
We walk in the garden
of now,

and find an alcove
of tenderness
behind the melaleuca.

She listens
to the hidden life:
roots drawing nourishment,

sap rising in stems.
Each twig,
an inverse tongue;

each leaf and flower
a wisdom far removed
from knowledgeable din.

Infrangible desire:
a thousand cicadas
throbbing the heat.

Shyly assertive,
she sings my body;
I, hers.

We sing
the joy
of imperfection,

the caress
of impermanence.
Soft tissue,

exquisitely bruised,
into limb-sized folds.

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