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Luna Moonhare
HD (28 01 1969 / Blackburn)

Luna Moonhare


Lepus light-foot
Gift of re-birth
Bring us your stories
Your dance of the earth
Tales of magick
Of shape-shifting charm
Of wisdom, clear sight
That keeps us from harm
On this clear winter’s night

When I lived in Barnoldswick I would climb Weets hill on a clear February winter evening, my path lit by the soft green to orange setting sun and a waning moon, to search the southern sky for Luna Moonhare.

With the waning of the moon in mid January & February look out for Lepus the Lunar Hare in the southern sky scampering under the feet of the giant Orion as he faces the charge of the bull Taurus with his hound Laelaps rearing up behind.

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