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Lunar Lunch Break

We waited for the dust to settle down,
then laid some foil down on the ground.
I passed some tubes of food around.

I heard the com link deep in side
this prison glass that held my mind.
I fed her gently through access ports.
It was a private moment…of sorts.

Then relaxing upright,
our prison suits held us tight.
We used her laser to count some stars,
and marveled at the lights on Mars.

I heard her sigh, and knew the meaning—
the counter time had non remaining.
I loved her so, she held my trust.
No atmosphere. No rot. No rust.

We entered the rover and found our berths,
then turned the vehicle to face the Earth.
We both just cried, and looked beyond,
and thought about life there, that went wrong,
and now is gone.

From our station we heard the blast,
'Get back to work, and make it fast.'

by Maynard Hartman

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