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Lunatic Juice

Some can drink a lot of alcohol and still seem sober and sedate
Whilst some only after a few drinks tend to grow to an aggressive state
And act in a manner unbecoming as if they did have a screw loose
To some alcohol is just a drink and to others tis lunatic juice,
To some alcohol is a no no the anger in them it provoke
They can take offence at something harmless that many would see as a joke
They do brawl without provocation a few drinks in and they want to fight
For them alcohol is lunatic juice something for them that does not seem right
Suppose we are all very different what suits one another does not suit
To one it seems a tranquilizer and in another it brings out the brute
You do find all sorts in the World those words now as ever ring true
Alcohol works on everyone differently what suits him or her may not suit you
To some it seems a tranquilizer and it makes some behave like a wounded moose
And what brings out the good in some people to some can be lunatic juice.

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