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Lunch Bucket
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Lunch Bucket

Says he; 'I'm just a poor ole working feller,
One who has become sort of mellow
But still one of you -
An' our numbers are gettin' few.

Why, I remember growing up pore
Just like the rest of you, for shore.
Walked these streets with bucket in hand
As I worked for 'the man.'

Now, I've been away for quite a spell
But let me tell you, I remember the hell
Of having to work for a livin.
The man shore wasn't forgivin.

Since I moved away
Much hasn't changed, to this day
So let's all
Get together this fall,
An' change the direction of this country
That seems to be in such misery.

It's cause of those down in Washington town
That have forgotten what it's like to be down,
Those in the White House are to blame
For the woes that have many a name.

They're responsible for all
These hardships you recall.
Just ignore those snide remark you hear
About my being in Congress for thirty an a year.

I've tried heaven knows
To lessen the burdens of those
Who slave under the oppression
Of this peace time administration.

When I get to (back to) Washington D. C.
You all will see
Change – that's what it's all about
When we send the Republicans in a rout.

That old tin lunch bucket you can replace
With a new shinny one, at just a small increase in price
Of course the contents will be quite slim
But most of us can stand bein' more trim.

Not to worry about taxes, too
Cause if you don't have a job there's not much they can take from you.
And your tax burden (that's how we say it in Congress)
Will be shifted to the other feller's chest.

An' there are so many other things we're a planning
They'll require a bunch of government instrumenting
With job security for those
Needed to regulate those laws we'll impose.

Why just to mention a few,
An' there's so much to do.
But, try these on fer size:
Health care, social security, free housing
Food stamps for all and of course a free delousing.
Smaller military and defense
And more environmental regulations make sense.
Why I could go on and on
But we'll remember to throw your pore dog (or family) a bone.

Why, I'm just like all of you.
Part of the lunch bucket mining crew.
Till you vote for me
I'll be Biden my time.'

Anyone notice how 'folksy' Joe Biden has become?

Ignore at your own risk what it was that Lyndon B. said;
'When anyone says he's a country boy, put your hand on your wallet.'

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