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Lure Of The Forbidden Fruit
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Lure Of The Forbidden Fruit

I am made of plasticine.

Unable to resist the
Any longer.

You lure me in,
Not kicking and screaming,
I'm willing,

Silently you've waited while I’ve tried to ignore,
My fall back through the hardship.
I've never once tried your forbidden sweetness,
As you have never once left me.
Now all else has failed and
you remain.

I long to feel my inner peace,
Brought to me by your silky release,
Weaving pleasure into my very soul.
Take me away,
To another place,
Another land.
The far and distant one that i vividly remember.

Let me walk the paths unknown,
Let me sidetrack from our destiny,
Let me taste the forbidden fruit.

Everything seems a small consequence to pay.

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