Lush Is My Greenery

The sky displayed its bluest blue.
Dreamy clouds attuned to the clue;
Schemed for inclusion too.
So they assumed a wide, white smile;
Enabling snowflakes to cascade while,
Amazed people stared at the sky.
Questioned each other:
Asking "Why snow in July?"
Mister Sun with a jealous reason,
Objected to Winter invading his season;
Pushing through cloudland his red, hot ray,
Dried the moisture without delay.
Refreshed trees, stood straight and tall;
Sheltered birds shrieked their call.
Butterflies were on the wing!
Damp bees asleep, too drowsy to sting.
A flock of wet sparrows poised to sing.
Dripping houses shining;
A golden glitter.
No graffiti, no soil, no litter.
Luscious gardens, a pure delight
Not one snail to spoil this sight;
Couldn't spot a worm nibbling leaves,
Gone were other garden thieves.
Lush fruits and vegetables require care
To keep them healthy, breathing air;
Street trash a problem past!
Perfection realized by all at least.
The devil driving through this section
Noticed its beauty and peace, his reaction;
Exclaimed to his employees on the back seat,
I say "demons, this place is outta sight, neat
Here is where we settle down;
Plenty to ruin in this town".
He snapped his fingers, flexed his toes.
Gave a loud roar then wiggled his nose.
The wind again began to blow;
Then came a blinding chilling snow.
One scared toddler ran, screaming out the door;
Right, in the path, of the devilish four.
Satan laughed loud, lost control, hit a tree.
Car was on fire so was he.
Suddenly appeared a huge, black hole.
Sucked them in, so I've been told.
The devil and imps came to a temporary end;
Hate and bigotry will bring 'em back again.
Some of us want a world of peace.
We hope this desire is on the increase.
Only under power of God's love,
Ruler on earth and Heaven above.

by Clara Scott

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