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Poem By Veracious Veracious

I'm your enemy, I'm your sin,
We both know we can't pretend,
What we'll commit, we intend,
Release the beast that is within.

It's no time to fear temptation,
All the lies are disregarded,
By endless passion we are bombarded
It's too late for conversation.

We both know where it's leading,
The solution will be deceiving,
I cannot differ or disagree,
Because your body's controling me.

Please don't stop, just not yet,
These words, I know I will regret,
Time stood still, this is it,
Overwhelming I must admit.

Feeling guilty, feeling bruised,
A moment longer you would refuse,
I let you go, like before,
The love is gone, forevermore.

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material love doesn't last long. It is the spiritual love that is eternal.