When I laid my eyes upon him

I knekw that he was someone special

from the first time he said hi

I got all tingly inside

From the first day that I saw him

I always said he was soo cute

he has a great big smile

and eyes that shine for miles

I find his voice soo sexy

He sounds deep, genuine, and appealing

but most of all I love his voice

because his Boston accent is soo wild

Everytime he walks by me

I see his head look side to side

his eyes go awandering

to see if I am close by

I've accidentally walked into him

five or six different times

He always told me 'look out'

because he was looking out for my safety

He told me I was his dream team

I could not help but smile

I know its probably just his way of flirting

but he is making it all my worth while

I don't want to see him g

because I love to be in his presence

I feel what we hay have had

is special and not all that bad

He makes me laugh, he makes me smile

He is the one I want for now

I love the names, I love the jokes

but most of all I love the most, the way I feel when I am beside him

by Mowie DeCorp

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