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Lust Flows As Naturally As Sweat
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Lust Flows As Naturally As Sweat

Poem By Uriah Hamilton

Gazing upon the turquoise-beaded necklace
Of a dark, mysterious Turkish girl,
A man slips into mystical ancient times
Of hidden codes and long forgotten gods,
Astrological-charted paths
Of love and destiny.

The hot sun tingles on warm skin,
Lust flows as naturally as sweat
And oozes from every pore
Breathing sensual rendezvous,
Physical encounters in barely furnished rooms,
Clothing is removed and tossed
Onto simple rugs,
Then the tasting of tongues.

Orgasmic adventures amid threats
From violently plotting parents
And a jealous suitor counting the days
To receive his intended prize
Who is expected to bleed on clean sheets
Of somebody’s defined customary purity.

But young girls all prefer rough renegades
Who joyously seize their love
That the lackluster and naive
Can never appreciate;
Girls can always return and lie
To any boy who blindly follows
The dictates of his parents.

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Comments (8)

Excellent poem, Uriah. Fresh, raw, real. Very well done. Hugs to you, CJ
Very good use of flashback and narrative, you go right into it. I'm commentor #8, this got a really strong response! And I just read your haunting bio, too. Read it, folks. ps: I think I'm really getting old, I can't even picture lust flowing as naturally as sweat any more; but maybe that's because I just had breakfast.
Simple in its fleshy complexity - well done!
Very sensual and erotic....I enjoyed it immensely as always :)
What a wonderful poem Uriah. You really put us there with them........you make their 'forbidden passion' so apparent. Great job as usual. :) Sincerely, Mary