CM (1980 / Arizona)

Lust In A World Or Gray

Slow and gentle
As the snow flake falls
Do my arms find your body
Holding you tight threw the night
Standing in our surreal
World of gray
Watching snow flakes
Falling on our shoulders
And melting on our noses
In our world of gray
There is no east or west
There is no north or south
The snow is not cold
Like the ice that it is
But soft and warm
Like the cotton it wishes it could be
So that it would not be so fleeting
With every sunrise still
Your breath rises
From your beautiful lips
As you smile in the winter air
I hold you tight and kiss those lips
And the cotton once again
Is but fleeting snow
The fires of passion
Consumes the serene gray
Our bodies are as the sun
Melting everything away
Leaving only the abstract boundaries
Of our world

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