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A Beginful Past To A New Way
AC (6th August,1945 / Melbourne, Australia)

A Beginful Past To A New Way

Poem By Piter Ambrosy

I waken to the screeching of cockatoos.
The sticky scent of jasmine fills the room.
Dawn's watercolor fingers touch the pillow.
It's been a long, hot night.

I press myself against your naked back.
You're cooler now than you were before,
when you were struggling to breathe
and pushed me away.

Your skin is smooth as soap this morning.
Your shoulders broad - familiar.
I smell the heavy rhythm of your breathing -
oblivious to my desire.

My skin is smarting from yesterday's sun.
My fresh haircut is shorter than ever.
I slip my fingers shyly between your legs.
My pulse quickens.

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Comments (17)

You lure us in with the pictures of brightly coloured birds and scented jasmine and then take us straight to your intimate place! Bravo - it's a very daring write... (now then should I actually be in here?) LOL! HG: -) xx
Okay, maybe you're the devil to my angel...I would love to write just one poem that captures that 'lusty' moment the way you do...genuine, visual, visceral...loved it...Coach
very good...holy moly...this is a gnarly one...i like it..maybe a bit too much...hahahaha...great poem miss...
I see the steamier side of Allie had been coming out lately... I almost missed this one, save for the title! Nice clean way you do things, and yet have your reader go where you didn't speak lol... beautiful job, Allie! Hugs, Lee
Very intimate and immediate...bravely and honestly winds the reader deep into the connected world of nature and the lust of Allie...Glad you stopped where you did! ! xxx jim