Luv Me For A Fool

I know u said you love me,
Yet we feel like strangers siting side by side,
I Know you said you would never hurt me,
Yet thoughts of you brings a hollow pain to my heart,
I Know i am not perfect,
Yet I am true, even though i am prone to error.
How did you capture me
Placing a maze around my longing heart,
How did you swallow my voice
Passing it out with desires of your own,
How did you kiss me,
Sucking away, draining my sensuality,
How could you express the pleasures of my wanton body
as typical, unadventurous, unbecoming
saying it is, as it is.
Love me, you say,
When you say I luv you
Are just words echoed....
Reiterated on lips unknowing of love.

by Confusion Undastood

Comments (1)

I really like this poem; it is very passionate and you really get down what you want to say. It's really odd how one person can toy with our emotions so we love them but they're still impossible! Keep up the good work! :)