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Luv U Luv Me
AKT (8-3-68 / Memphis, Tn.)

Luv U Luv Me

Poem By Allen Keith Turner

How much do I love you, let me count the ways!
I love you so much, I can't even say
I love you in the morning, your smile gives me hope
I love you at night, your love helps me cope.
I love you more, each & everyday.
My loves for you grows in very big ways.
I love your kisses, so very very sweet.
I love your hugs, In your arms I am complete.
I love everything about you, there's nothing I would change.
I love you so very much, I even love your name.
I loved you when we first met, How could I not?
I'll love you forever, That will never stop!
I love that you are so loving, your my kind of woman.
I love to love you everyday, that makes me your kind of man.
There may be others to look at, but your the only one I see.
I love you so very much, because you U LOVE ME! ! !

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