Eid Mubarak

Matloob Bokhari

I am a hungry, naked, homeless boy,
Unloved, unhappy is the story of my life.
My father lives in layers of misery.
His heavy heart with pillow moans.
I cannot see this saddest sight.
So, in terrible loneliness, I sob.
Grieving vilely day and night,
My mother finally thanked her Lord.
Then my sister, in distress, rested in peace.
I thank God for their delighted depart.
With empty pocket, and empty hands,
I beg and steal in the busy streets.
In land of injustice, stand in front of palaces,
And stare at the misfortunes of my life.
O materially rich, spiritually poor countrymen,
I wish you Eid Mubarrak,
Simply, waiting for pale death,
In helplessness and hopelessness,
Your poor son.

by Matloob Bokhari

Comments (2)

............a wonderful tribute to his friend ★ I love the title
How vivid the image of the lice leaving the dead body. How clear the fact that his dear falcon doesnt desert him, though she could most easily fly How simple the language, undecorated & uncomplicated I look forward to discovering his other work. Yours, Robin Dulake