With An Edible Feeding Of Nonsense

Some people believe they are above and not equal.
With abilities to steal and thieve.
But all of us on Earth have come...
From Earth to leech.
And I am fascinated!

Some people have this 'thing' about their rights.
And they select which groups are not qualified.
But I observe us here breathing together,
The air that God supplies.

And I am fascinated.
By what is perceived.
I'm fascinated...
By the afflictions that lead to limited beliefs.

But not long do I stay in that frame of mind,
With my own life to live on a mission to satisfy,
My own curiosities.
And I've got plenty of them.
With less time to spend among those enriched,
With an edible feeding of nonsense prescribed...
To devour.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (7)

very long and very beautiful .... thanks for sharin
It is a pastoral elegy. king Edward is his friend.
Interesting journey through the process of grieving. The poem laments the death of a friend, fellow shepherd Lycidas. Then, the poet asks various nymphs and muses where they were when Lycidas drowned. He blames them for not intervening and saving him. He realizes that kind of thinking is pointless. His friend is dead. Every thing he did on earth is worthless because he died before he had become famous. Without fame, it was like he had never lived. Finally he concludes though that earthly fame isn't as important as life in heaven, and that heaven is where the real fame happens.
Milton is the master of his own art none can excel! His Milton music is so high in quality that none can imitate too in verse! In this wonderful poem his mourning of his fiend's demise is unbearable to feel in heart!
Lofty rhyme; self-same hill. Thanks for sharing.
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