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TT (3/27/89 / klamth falls OR)


Why O why does life gotta be this way
they say its gonna get betta but we still wait for the day.
Seems like every step i move forward im taking two back
an ive takin too many wrong turns i no longer kno where im at.
Im lost in this world of sin
Im a playa in this 'game' i kno now i can no longer win.
I keep on movin thinkin the oasis is round the next corner
Im in a city with thousands but still manged to be a loner.
I grew up thinkin the wrong way was right.
Bangin an slangin is part of my normal routine
now a days i got nothin but nitemares i dont have any dreams.
All my lyfe i learned the lessons the hard way
fightin fire with fire cuz it was the only way.
I dont kno why that i dont wanna change
i guess theres just a part of me
that loves the game....

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