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Lying Brokern On The Floor
SF (12th of april / Sydney Australia)

Lying Brokern On The Floor

Poem By Saz Fairy

Carefree, blissful depression, lust ruined second chance
Scars deep inside that you would not noticed at first glance
How life’s events demoralise the state of your conceptual mind, your reality
You grasp of emotional perspective on the world, your sanity

For there was a time, when although innocence wasn’t me
I knew nothing of the world and all that I would see
I knew I would learn but I never thought my path would be such intoxicating hell
But it was, and profoundly u look at me. You will never see the things I don’t tell

I don’t tell you of how hopeful and optimistic I once was did seem
Seeing so much hope for the future, faith I could follow my dreams
The world, an illusionary dreamscape waiting to draw me in, just to annihilate my existence
It did this all but I still after all of this I live out with perpetual persistence

I believed in the words spoken to me by one unquestionably dominant
Training me his with disturbing thoughts, until they became ever more prominent
He taught me to hate the world and made believe it was to one to be hated, this life
Get through the shit by just to ignoring all the uncertainties and surrender to the knife

Taught me hate to life and more than that hate myself. All that I believed in.
Because of him I thought I was worthless and I was lucky I had atleast him
He taught me to cut and took pleasure in my self-destruction, it went on for so long
Forcing me to do things that had never graced my mind, things I found so wrong

the feelings of hopelessness I never could hide, tears running free for day
But some how things got away, his hands wandered always
I didn’t like it and the more I said that, more he convinced me I did
That I loved It and I just didn’t realise as 14, I was just a kid

Had I not been scared he leave and my world would be nothing once more
I was scared of the past, didn’t see that this was just as things had been before
My innocence slowly stripped away, I could feel him deep inside
Always deeper, ever so deeper, till I felt the relief of the thought that I had died

I lay there cold and stripped of all that I ever had, defenceless
There was nothing I could do but I knew by now I had come to my senses
Another came and saved me then, till I felt the deepness he reached, my body already taken, still so sore
He left me too there on the floor, used and broken, like some whore but it was over, wouldn’t happen any more.

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Hi sarah darling you had a bad night? day? things will get better..Love dave xxx