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Lying Eyes...

What the hell is going on in your mind?
What are you thinking behind those lying eyes?
One minute you kiss me,
the next you caress her thigh.
There's good and evil in everyone she said
That is the only truth in this situation
The evilness overcomes us.
And it's the goodness you run from.
It's ok.
I'm done dear.
Batt those eyelashes at her one more time.
I promise you it's not fun dear.
When you wake up to find,
All your dreams ripped from you.
All the promises broken.
I'm keeping my word.
I'm here, love.
To make it right in the end.
So when the day I walk away comes.
I'll never look back again.

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Strong words, hope you're able to do it if the time comesxx Moyaxx