You Wanted A Dream

You wanted a sun in midnight sky
in depth of April, a moon shone awry instead.
underneath the tree, faith is pining away his days
in shadowy past- those are the dreams.

Those are dreams spent in a life of vagrant desire,
in a faraway land of myths and sorceress, the lotos
eater dreaming for a break of sickly song of a siren.
Who is the woman standing on the threshold of reality
and dream, she told me she was seeking beauty to bathe.

You can steep into moonshine, drench your clothes with
empyrean glow, you can break the soul in million pieces
into a neural orgy of yesteryears but stand in the placid
water and bellowing horn, listen a lioness roaring in the
wilderness of concrete Jungle, it is time for a dream as
night is fading into a dawn, it is time for bid Latah to all

by Aloke Mukherjee

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Strong words, hope you're able to do it if the time comesxx Moyaxx