(13/12/1947 / LONDON)

Lying There

Will he return?
you asked yourself.
Doubts come.

Doubts large and
depressing. How
to forget? Him and

his words, the letters
he wrote, the way he
was. The seeing of

others behind your
back. That girl from
the office, the thin

one with John Lennon
kind of spectacles,
that's who you think

he's had or having.
Will he return? You
want him to, but don't,

that combination of both.
The question why he
did haunts you, and why

with her? You lay and
stare and want it different,
want it not to have been,

to have been a secret
you didn't know. Really?
You mused, secret behind

your back kind of shit.
No, not one bit. He said
he loved you. All words.

Words on words. Yours
is a lonely bed now. None
to share, just you there

crying and lying there.

by Terry Collett

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