Lying To Cover Up Lies

Poem By Tom Maxwell

Our world seem to produce, more thieves & liars everyday,
they will gain your trust, with their games,
then stab you in the back, as they run away.

Not caring about anything in life, except to win at their game,
they don't have a conscience, always an excuse,
someone else to blame.

Using any body, or taking anything,
to get what they want for themselves,
lying to cover up lies, what a waste of time, they really need help.

Spending so many hours, looking for another victim,
they work hard at it everyday, thinking they are so smart,
their always broke, some don't even have a home to stay.

Trying to support their habits, or get what they want,
for their daily fix, they will do anything,
for a few hours of pleasure, that gives them their kicks.

They can never get ahead, always falling farther behind,
They don't have a clue about the real world,
others are so for gone, it seems they lost their mind.

Not caring for their children, family & friends,
who are honest, the people they should love and trust,
so many die young, or end up the subject of a bust.

No life long friendships,
because of their plots and schemes,
never feeling the gifts, a true friend can bring.

Someday they will be hurting, and will need a honest friend,
to help them with their needs,
only then they will realize what they lost, for all their greed.

Comments about Lying To Cover Up Lies

I wrote the split image 'Theft Lying Deceit Once Had Severe Consequences', and the poem 'Does Punishment Fit The Crime', inspired by the poem 'Lying To Cover Up Lies', by the poet Tom Maxwell and dedicated to Tom Maxwell.
An Ancient Roman Custom To Avoid Crowd Dagger Dangers the ancient Roman mind was attuned to political intrigue when meeting in streets crowded places Romans would not hand shake with strangers potential enemies a dagger hidden to promote plot cover lies hidden dagger was a swift solution grip both wrists when meeting to ensure a dagger was not plunged into heart with free hand to ensure life continues Dedicated to the poet Tom Maxwell.
Murder Loves Shadows Honesty Loves Light murder loves shadows dark places to hide to spring from overkill leaves so many knives in blood back victim looks like a stegosaurus or stabosaurus struck down from behind truth love do not coward hide in shadows dark dirty places truth love walk in peace gift industry embrace healing light truth love believe in morality accountability human rights Dedicated to the poet Tom Maxwell.
'they will gain your trust, with their games, then stab you in the back, as they run away.' true some leave so many knives in the back we look like a stegosaurus or stabosaurus from behind, loved the poem
I enjoyed reading your " Lying to Cover Up Lies, " Tom. So sad, but true!

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