Lyla Kaithe

A little baby is God's precious gift to all
From the moment she smile's
To the day that she crawl's
When she look's at you so sweetly
With those bright blue eye's
It dawn's on you so fast
You've helped create a beautiful life
A life that only you could have supplied
As she tug's at your finger
For that very first time
She's also tugged at your heart
A love felt for the rest of your life
Hold your sweet little baby
Always love her so dearly
Watch her grow with each passing day
Watch in awe, at the creation youve made
When the time come's at its always due
One day she will look up at you and tell you..
I love you

by Lance Carthen

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Wow, this made me cry! ! Very beautiful, thank you very much for sharing this! ! ~Lee