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Lyndsay's Wedding Dream

Lyndsay just wanted to get married
Ever since she was just a little girl,
Over a threshold she wanted to be carried
Then she'd be known as a Mrs, to the world.
In school she always thought about her wedding
And about the man that someday that she would wed,
Like her, would he also like animals and the snow and sledding
Will he be tall and thin, and unlike her will his hair be red?
During recess the other girls would go out to play
Skipping rope, playing jacks, or finding places to hide,
Whereas Lyndsay would just draw and wish and pray
While pretending that someday she is someone's bride.
Though she was just a young and infatuated teen
Constantly dreaming and waiting for her own wedding day,
Everyday she would always read from her wedding magazine
While waiting to be carried through the doorway.
She started a dairy and a wedding scrapbook
Regarding her someday soon-to-be wedding and its theme,
Daily she would add to it, and in it her friends would laugh and look
But, a wedding is every young girl’s fondest dream.
Marriage to her it then became a jigsaw puzzle
Pieces were the guests, the church and the wedding priest,
Puzzle pieces were the food to be served and the drinks to guzzle
But, still there was just one major missing piece.
She knew the wedding dress that she was going to wear
And also the decor and the rest of her thought out wedding plan,
She had everything planned down to the letter, that I swear
And the only thing that was missing; was the man.

Randy L. McClave

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