MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! Lyric 5: Staggered Assonance

the singing in the living, listening heart

tells love in whispers; and the heart is always

listening; for that heart is always bliss; all

hearts in all ways, blest by ceaseless love;

the blaze of bliss in life is our soul’s singing;

this peace, our life as winging gift that’s blest;

its light brings love, sings peace, and brims the heart.

(An experiment in assonance without rhyme: the assonances are in a staggered sequence through the lines)

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Enhances the musicality throughout, bring both vowels and consonants to life, with an overall softening effect. Major success Michael. Loved it. I try to weave this stuff in here and there- not that you'd notice most of the time - but have rarely come across such a sustained and high quality example - and you manage to keep the content controlled and discernible. Excellent. jim